Pandemic musings

I just wanted to check in with everyone during the pandemic. I'm doing fine, no symptoms; Coda, my German Shepard is doing well too. Where I live, Spokane, we don't have a lot of cases yet, but we're 300 miles from Seattle, and they are swamped. I have friends and family there and it's worrisome. I canceled my plans to go visit over spring break and instead I'm self-isolating. Fortunately, I have a big yard and can go outside easily, and when the weather is nice spend time in the sun away from others. I'm on day eleven, so I think I'm probably in the clear, at least until I have to go grocery shopping again. I bought enough food for probably 3 weeks, depending on what I want to eat, but eventually, I will have to go out again.

I work at a university, and things are going to be strange there for awhile. Everything will be done online, although there will be students who have no other choice still living in dorms. That seems like an invitation to parties, but…

End of the Decade: Top Five Things

It's the end of the year 2019, and of the decade--almost 20 years later than any date I imagined what I'd be doing as an adult when I was a kid. So uncharted territory from childhood me. I pretty much stopped imagining where Stanley Kubrick did, 2001.

But that's a lot of years to cover, and to build top lists for. So today it's TOP FIVE THINGS OF STUFF...for the past amount of randomly chosen time. Ready?

5. I had an awesome couple of years playing trivia. Go, Trivia Super Alliance!

4. I stopped paying for cable.

3. This is Coda, she helps me write and is my friend.

2. I'm an author now.  I get to write with my best friend, Davonna Juroe. We're working on a fantasy series about a retired wizard who returns to duty to save stuff. Totally top five.

1. And number one...Baby Yoda, of course

Quarterfinalist in the 2019 Screencraft Horror Screenplay contest for Winterbay Abbey screenplay! I just had to put this up, as it's a pretty cool achievement for my co-author, Davonna Juroe, and I. We adapted our novel Winterbay Abbey: A Ghost Story, last year and decided to enter a few contests, and we were surprised, and delighted, to hear that we made the first cut. The feedback we received from the judges was both encouraging (very) and helpful. Almost all positive, they thought it would make a "fine feature." Good news.
Here's to more good news in the future.

Major news! Winterbay Abbey: A Ghost Story is now on audio! Narrated by Matt Godfrey, Voice Award nominee, and Audiobook Listener 2018 finalist, (he's awesome, check out some of his work: He reads Winterbay just like I always imagined it sounding, except way better. It's creepy and moody, and the New England and British accents add that terrific feel of authenticity.

Ghostville Reading


Lost in Ghostville fans, if you happen to be in Spokane, WA this October 29, stop by Auntie's Bookstore @4:00 pm and see me teach how to find ghosts.
I'll read a bit from Ghostville, answer some questions, and of course, we'll search the store for any spirits who might be haunting the old building. It should be great fun! See you there!

Lost in Ghostville--Children's Event

The Day Your Books Arrive

It's always cool to see a FedEx truck pull into your driveway, but especially so when you're expecting something big. My author copies of Lost In Ghostville arrived today. That's a big day for any author--the day you get to see your published work on actual paper, not from your own printer, and bound, with a beautiful cover. Here's my experience opening my box of books. Take a close look at the cover. The illustration is by Charlie Bowater. I think she made a fantastic cover, and most people who've seen it agree. You can see more of Charlie's work here: We've never met, but she draws a mean mermaid.
Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts...

I'm hitting the spirit world hard in August, with two new releases: Lost in Ghostville, a middle-grade humorous ghost story about a boy, his homemade ghost detector, and a ghost-napper.

Winterbay Abbey is an adult ghost story I wrote with co-author, Davonna Juroe, and is set in an old, abandoned abbey in Maine, with dark secrets and a future as terrible as its past.
Why all the ghosts, you ask? Well, we all have those times when we're trying to deal with loss, and both these stories helped me confront that, although in different ways. Ghostville does it by being funny, and heartfelt, as well as with robot dinosaurs and dino-poop. Winterbay is a bit darker and intended to scare. Combined, they gave me multiple ways to show the impact of ghosts, both their dark, and light sides.

In either case, I hope you enjoy my expedition into the spirit world.