Friday, July 15, 2016

Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts...

I'm hitting the spirit world hard in August, with two new releases: Lost in Ghostville, a middle-grade humorous ghost story about a boy, his homemade ghost detector, and a ghost-napper.
Lost in Ghostville

Winterbay Abbey is an adult ghost story I wrote with co-author, Davonna Juroe, and is set in an old, abandoned abbey in Maine, with dark secrets and a future as terrible as its past.
Why all the ghosts, you ask? Well, we all have those times when we're trying to deal with loss, and both these stories helped me confront that, although in different ways. Ghostville does it by being funny, and heartfelt, as well as with robot dinosaurs and dino-poop. Winterbay is a bit darker and intended to scare. Combined, they gave me multiple ways to show the impact of ghosts, both their dark, and light sides.

In either case, I hope you enjoy my expedition into the spirit world.